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Jobs:              Pre-sale product manager Salary:    Negotiable
Workplace:     Beijing Number:  1 Person
1.Age 25-30 years old, computer, communications and other related professional degree.
2. Be familiar with network topology, protocol, operation and other matters. A wide area network maintenance experience is preferred. Be familiar with BGP, OSPF, NAT protocol, DNS, DDOS and other technical knowledge. Be familiar with the network game operators, cache technology, and web acceleration technology is preferred.
3. Be proficient in using OFFICE software, and strong skills to use Excel, word, PowerPoint, Visio. The ability to use mindmanger, Photoshop is preferred.
4. Good language expression ability. Have the strong abilities in communication and team cooperation consciousness. To adapt to the occasional overtime work.
1. Be familiar with the company's existing business, can independently complete and explain the company's existing business.
2. Be familiar with the network technology. Independently complete the BGP/NAT technology programmer support.
3. Be familiar with DNS, intelligent DNS technology, to participate in and complete the corresponding technical scheme and test implementation.
4. Be able to skillfully use PowerPoint tools to complete the company and related solutions for production.
5. Corresponding to the operator level solution project invite public bidding, bid, surround experience. Be familiar with the whole process of tender. To assist the Department is responsible for project bidding.
6. Be proficient in using Visio to solute network topology mapping.

7. Cooperate the department to complete other project solutions or technology accumulation of products;

Date:   2012-9-28
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